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Your Questions

Do you give my personal details to any affiliated companies?

No, tribesta doesn’t share, rent or sell your information with anyone.

In the future we may include information from our partners in a direct email to you and we may list services on our website or on our Facebook page that may be of interest to you.

You can choose whether you want to receive information from us.

Website security and your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and tribesta abides by the Australian Privacy Principles for the protection of personal information, as set out in the Privacy Act.  We will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information and any data you enter into your profile by storing it in a secure environment. All your personal information is stored in electronic form and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers, utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure platform found in 190 countries across the world. Your data is stored on servers in your region, and will never be stored outside of that region. We regularly monitor and test our system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks.  We also take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure however, as the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit via the tribesta portal. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information by using a strong password.

Does tribesta share my information with the Government?

No.  In an emergency, your information can be shared with the members of your tribe who appear in your ‘Alerts or Triple Zero’ sections of the app if you have pressed either button.  Other unique numbers may be used to access your profile. Depending on the crisis, and, at their discretion, your tribe members may discuss critical information about you with our participating Service Providers, such as Law Enforcement, Paramedics or Hospital emergency service personnel in an effort to provide you with the best possible care.

I’ve got feedback, questions or suggestions – who do I contact?

If you have feedback for us (good, bad or otherwise) we want to know!

We are only too happy to answer any questions and respond to any suggestions you may have.  Please email us at:

Why do I need a unique account?

Each Member is provided with a unique tribesta code that identifies you quickly. It’s also the way we are able to keep your personal information strictly segregated and private.

How many people can be connected to my account?

You need a minimum of one, but can have up to a maximum of 8 people in your tribe on the free tribesta app.

How often can I update my profile?

You can update your information 24/7. We will send regular reminders to make sure you keep your profile up to date.

I’ve forgotten my password. What can I do?

Click on the ‘Change or forgotten your password?’ link when you go to login. You will be asked security questions and provided a ‘reset’ link to follow.

Do my tribe members receive all Messages?

No, you choose the settings:

I’m OK = your tribe members in this section will receive ALL notifications you send

Not OK – all your tribe members receive your Alert and Triple Zero messages

Click on the options to set what you want your tribe members to see.

What is tribesta’s cancellation policy?

You are able to delete your account at any time, no questions asked!  We’d be sorry to see you go so feel free to drop us a line if you want to tell us why you no longer wish to use our services so we can learn from customers’ experience.  Email us at:

How can First Responders view your profile?

In the event of an incident, if you’ve tapped the Triple Zero button on the app, you critical data profile can be shared with your tribe. If you are unable to speak for yourself your tribe can share relevant information about you with emergency personnel so you receive the most appropriate treatment.

Who are First Responders?

First Responders are Ambulance, Police, Fire and Rescue and Hospital emergency personnel.  If you are ever involved in an incident your tribe can share your critical data, if applicable, with those who care for you.

Will the tribesta app drain my smartphone battery?

All apps use power and ours is no different – the tribesta app uses standard location service features and this results in the normal rate of battery use (as associated with any app using location features).

Can anyone view my tribesta profile?

No, you decide who can see your information and when they can access it. If you ever run into trouble and call Triple Zero from your tribesta app your information can be shared with your trusted tribe and they can share it with First Responders if required.

Why should I choose tribesta?

tribesta is the world’s only free ‘everyday’ connector app that connects you directly with your trusted tribe every day, giving you (and them), peace of mind.  There are other ‘alarm’ based safety apps on the market but people rarely run into trouble and, as a result, they forget they’d even downloaded the app and fail to use them when they are under pressure.

Tribesta passes the Google ‘toothbrush test’ – you stay connected to family and friends on a daily basis that’s why tribesta is the world’s only ‘I’m OK everyday’ connector.

Can anyone join?

Yes, everyone is eligible to join tribesta – it’s free!

Why and when would a First Responder be able to view my profile?

If you were involved in an accident your tribe can view and share information from your critical profile with First Responders to assist with your treatment.

What phones run the tribesta app?

We work on both iPhone and Android – download today!


Why and when would a tribe member be able to view my profile?

If you ever call Triple Zero from the tribesta app, your basic medical profile, emergency contacts and daily responsibilities are sent to your trusted tribe members. This way, they can share critical data with First Responders, if and when required, and also help you with the kids, pets and any other urgent tasks you may not be able to attend to yourself.

Does tribesta work overseas?

tribesta is going global and we will notify you as we roll out in other locations. You can still stay connected and use the app anywhere in the world as long as you have internet or WiFi connectivity.  We are working on relationships with emergency responders throughout the globe and will keep you posted on our progress via email or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Do I need WiFi or mobile range on my smartphone for tribesta to work?

Yes, you need an internet connection for the app to work.

Why do I need a tribesta screensaver for the app?

If your phone is locked your personal tribesta ID number on your home screensaver may be of assistance in identifying you quickly.

I can’t download the app

You need internet/WiFi access.

Check to ensure your phone is connected, then access your iTunes or Google Play account.

If you don’t have and iTunes or Google Play account, you can register for one here:

I’m unable to login

If you registered but completely logged out of tribesta then you will need to remember the email address and password you used to register.  You can request ‘Lost Password’ and reset your password if you have forgotten it as this may be the reason you can’t log in.

In the event you are still stuck and need support send us a description of what the problem is to the following email address.  Make sure you include your name and contact phone number so we can call you

Why nominate a contact/s on your account?

We recommend you nominate and connect to at least one or more preferred contacts so if something were to happen to you they will be able to assist you in a crisis.

Everyone has someone or something they care about. Your entire world may revolve around your beloved pet – what if something was to happen to you? Who would feed and care for your pet if you couldn’t?

How do I add new tribe members?

tribesta’s free service provides you with the ability to add up to 8 contacts at any time.  Click on the ‘+’ option to add tribe members. You can type the name of your contact in the search bar or scroll through your contacts and click on their name/number to add. They will be sent an SMS invitation to be part of your tribe.

What if I want to leave someone else’s’ tribe?

You can delete yourself from anyone’s tribe at any time. It’s easy, just click on the ‘-‘ option and remove that person from your tribe.

Can someone find me without me knowing it?

No. tribesta is an ‘opt in’ service, not a tracking device, not big brother!  Your tribe members cannot track you unless you push the Let’s Go/Watch Me, Alert or 000 buttons.

You get to choose what you share. You may decide that mum and dad can see all your notifications but your best friend can only see your ‘OK’ and ‘Let’s Go’ options.

In the event you were missing or involved in a crisis, if you’d pushed the ‘I’m OK’ button an hour before your disappearance, your tribe members would know your last known GPS location at that time. If you’d pushed ‘Let’s Go’ and were still in active mode your family and First Responders could locate you based on your current movements.

Do I need to provide my driver’s licence, Medicare number, passport and car registration numbers to register?

No.  tribesta is a free ‘opt in’ service. It’s all about choice – how much (or how little) you wish to include in your profile. Basically the more information you enter the more likely your identity and your individual medical needs can be met if you were ever involved in an accident.

Why do I have to describe my appearance?

Adding this information is not compulsory however, if you were involved in an accident and couldn’t speak for yourself then the more information you provide about your appearance the more likely you can be identified and provided with the most appropriate treatment.

Why do I need to explain if I wear glasses, have a hearing aid or I speak another language?

More information really is more!

As an example – in the event you were involved in an incident, if you didn’t speak English perhaps someone in your tribe could act as interpreter and translate any critical data about you, if and when, required.

When can a First Responder view your profile?

If you press ‘alert’ or Triple Zero on the tribesta app not only your location but also your critical data can be shared with your tribe.  In an event, if you were injured and unable to speak for yourself, your tribe could share your critical data with First Responders such as Ambulance Paramedics, Police, Fire and Rescue or hospital emergency personnel.  If you have allergies or take medication then sharing of this information could save your life.

How long do you keep my map history for?

Your map history is stored for one month.  You can retrieve a map, if required, within the month after the date of the recorded trip.

Should any changes to our map history policy occur in the future, we’ll notify members of any changes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

 How do I view my history?

Click on the app, bottom of the homescreen, click on the left hand icon to view your history.  Your map history, along with history of any of your other tribe members that they shared with you, will appear.

Is there anything else I should do once I register?

No.  If you’ve nominated any of your contacts from your smartphone to join your tribe they will receive an SMS message advising them you’ve registered.  You may wish to discuss what the app is all about with them at this point.  We include links to the tribesta Apple and Android apps in the SMS message sent out to them.  You may also wish to be included as part of their tribe.  Once you and another member of your tribe has registered you are connected – everyone can be prepared, know what to do if ever they are needed, especially in an emergency.

Can I include someone in my tribe if they don’t have a smartphone?

No. Our service runs on smartphones, iPads and tablets so people you connect to need one of these devices to connect to you.

Do I have to be an adult to sign up?

No, everyone can join.

If you are under 18 years of age you need your parents or legal guardian to register/join too and be part of your tribe.

Would I know if my profile has been viewed?

Yes, you will receive a text or email alert with the details of the authorised person who looked up your profile, the date and time it was viewed.

It’s FREE! The tribesta app is available to anyone with a smart phone, iPad or tablet device. Start by downloading the tribesta app from the Apple Store or Google Play

Will I ever have to pay for Tribesta in the future?

No.  Tribesta will always be free – it’s a free community service.  In the future we will offer additional functionality that may or may not be of interest to you via subscription services but our basic app will always be free.

We’ll alert you either by push notification, SMS, email, app upgrades or on our Facebook or Twitter social media pages when enhanced options become available.

Tribesta is a free social safety app that helps families and friends stay connected. With tribesta, you can stay in touch with your tribe by clicking the ‘I’m OK’ button and sharing your location, you also have the ability to share your critical data with your tribe in an emergency.

The app is designed to connect you and your ‘tribe’ – next of kin/closest family and friends so you can tap a button, share important information with multiple people for free at anytime. You can include anyone you want in your tribe to help make your world a safe one.

At the tap of a button, the app shares your GPS location, lets everyone know you are OK, and, in the unlikely event you run into trouble or are involved in an emergency, your critical data can be shared with your tribe and/or First Responders.  In many circumstances, quick access to information could save your life.

Get connected with your tribe today! Download the tribesta app from iTunes or Google Play

Why download the tribesta app?

It’s free.  It’s the easiest way to keep you connected, giving you and those you care about peace of mind.  Save lots of time and money and avoid having to send countless SMS messages letting your tribe know you’ve arrived and you are OK. It’s for when you need people to know where you are – or for your tribe to let you know their whereabouts – free! It’s about having fun and making your world a safer one.

tribesta is the only social safety app with exclusive agreements with Crime Stoppers in Australia and support from Triple Zero Emergency Services.

If you ever need to call Triple Zero from the app, tribesta also has the unique ability to share your critical data with your tribe so they can ensure you get the right help when you need it most.

One tap and your tribe knows:

  • I’m OK + your GPS location is shared
  • Let’s Go – watch my tracks or you might want to be picked up (in the case of employees etc, Duty of Care is covered) You want your tribe to watch over you as you walk home from school, catch the bus, jump an Uber or work late at night – tracking of your trip commences and is shared with your tribe
  • Alert – you are feeling uncomfortable and need your tribe to be on ‘alert’ (just in case) – a siren/alarm sounds on the handsets of your tribe members phones to get their attention, alert them to the fact you might need their help. You can also share not only your GPS location but also start audio or video being transmitted to them
  • Triple Zero – you are faced with an emergency and have called Triple Zero – the siren/alarm sounds on the handsets of your tribe and they know you are in trouble. GPS location is shared and if you are in a compromised position you can share audio or video. In the case of domestic violence, you may not be able to speak but tribesta speaks for you. Tribesta could save your life and ensure your trusted tribe can be on call for you at the tap of a button


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